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5 Essentials To Pack Next Time You Go On A Holiday

*This is a post by guest author Marina!

Ensure your next holiday goes without a hitch by ensuring you’ve packed all the essentials, so you’re not caught short. After all, there’s nothing worse than missing out on precious leisure time roaming around looking for a drug store to buy a new hairbrush or being late for dinner because you only have beach clothes in your suitcase. This simple list will see you departing for your vacation fully packed and ready to relax in peace

1. Documents

Check your documents are all in order early enough that they can be updated if needed, especially passports, should you be going on an international vacation. Travel insurance is vital if you’re staying local in case of unforeseen circumstances that could ruin your trip. Get these things in order and keep them in a safe place (that you won’t forget the location of), and then pack them where you can easily reach them when getting your things together.

2. Accessories

A careful selection of accessories keeps you comfortable and stylish while away. Keep packing light with outfits that go from daytime into the night with adjustments in small accessories, such as adding a belt to a dress. Packing a couple of appropriate hats ensures you keep warm in cold conditions and shaded in sunny ones. Add a purple snapback hat for a pop of color to your holiday wardrobe that complements stylish sunglasses.

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3. Plastic baggies

Bringing a few plastic baggies lets the contents of your bag avoid disaster should the contents of a shampoo bottle leak. Any liquids going in carry-on luggage need to be removed going through security, and having them together in a see-through bag makes this easy.

A couple of spare bags provide the ideal way to store dirty laundry, keeping it separate from the clean clothes in your suitcase. When you return home, tackling the vacation laundry will be easier, with your luggage contents helpfully sorted already.

4. Electronics

The idea of getting away and unplugging is alluring to many people, but chances are you’ll at the very least take a cell phone for essential communications. Whichever electronics you decide to take, make them last the trip by packing the chargers they require.

If traveling to another country, remember that you may need a travel adapter for plugs. Research what you’ll need for the country you’re visiting and purchase the appropriate adapter (multi adapters are available, which are ideal if you’re traveling a lot).

5. Clothes

It may sound absurd to be reminded to pack clothing, but too many people have stories of having to search for a clothes store while on holiday. As well as taking versatile outfits that’ll see you through all occasions while keeping luggage weight down, don’t forget the other essentials. Pack enough underwear to see you through, as there’s nothing worse than having to hand wash the same pair every night. 

By following these simple holiday packing tips, you’ll avoid unintended holiday mishaps, leaving the holiday budget free for fun items rather than those forgotten toothpaste or socks.

Have a tension-free and fun vacation!

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