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10 Treats to enjoy with your morning coffee

*This is a guest post by coffee-lover and writer John Moran

Coffee is much more than just a hot, or iced, or cold-brewed drink. It’s a delicacy that leaves you feeling energized in the morning. When the rich flavor of your favorite coffee pairs with new fun treat ideas, it will put a smile on your face and leave your stomach full.

If you are looking for the perfect delicious treats to serve with your morning mug of coffee, we got you covered. Here are ten breakfast treats that are perfect for coffee lovers.

1. Strawberry Oatmeal

This DIY morning treat is perfect for serving a healthy breakfast snack. Filled with fresh strawberries and your favorite cup of coffee, you will fall in love with this combination. They make your morning dreams come true as you crumble the sandwiched strawberries between the oatmeal crust. If you have been looking for a healthy, delicious strawberry treat to go with your morning coffee, try this one.

2 .Chocolate chip cookies

Not only is it healthy, but chocolate chip cookies are delicious. Chocolate and a mug of Moka pot coffee pair together perfectly. The benefits of these cookies go without saying. From being a source of carbohydrates and high dietary fiber, the combination of these two will keep hunger at bay.

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3. Pecan Streusel Coffee cake

This delicious cake is a coffee lover’s dream treat. It brings the best out of your morning coffee. Being straightforward and quick to prepare, even on your busy morning, you will be able to enjoy its goodness. The pecan topping on your coffee cake is not only sweet but are nutrient-packed power snack that makes it an ideal coffee combination treat.

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4. Lemon blueberry scones

Each bite of blueberry scones has with juicy and flavor of a promising fabulous day ahead. With the addition of lemon taste, this treat will be a delightful addition to any morning coffee. You will also love how easy they are to make, moist, and buttery; practically, they melt in your mouth. A cup of coffee and a scone or two, and you will be a happy person all day long.

5. Baked Chocolate Doughnuts

Waking up and smelling the coffee has never looked or tasted better without chocolate in the recipe. This duo rivals the traditional doughnuts in terms of taste and perfection. Try your morning coffee with these chocolate doughnuts. I think we can all agree that when chocolate meets coffee, the breakfast meets loveliness.

Coffee treats for your enjoyment
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6. Raspberry Jam bars

Very simple to prepare, but the result will leave you and your family in love with them. The homemade bars are a healthy way to fuel your day. They are even vegan-friendly goodies full of fresh raspberries, jam, and oats. If you need a grab and go snack, this treat is very portable, and you can grab it anytime you need a quick bite.

7. Coffee-infused Muffins

The best grab-and-go breakfast treat. This flavor-packed and easy to make muffins will match well with your mug of coffee and will not want to leave even a single moist crumb of this delicacy uneaten. They will become your favorite muffins to serve with not only a cup of hot coffee but also with a tall glass of cold milk. They are all-round goodies as they are perfect for morning, afternoon, and midnight snack.

8. Coffee Pancakes

Enjoy this morning treat with your favorite cup of joe. Some people say that pancakes are old fashioned; however, in this case, coffee adds a sense of delight to these traditional treats. The combination puts a big smile on your face as you sip your cherished coffee. Add your favorite topping or syrup, and you have yourself enough energy to round all day. 

9. Cinnamon roll cake

This cake is fantastic. It is a fun addition to your morning coffee. The good thing is that the cake is simple to make and crazily delicious. Treat yourself with this mouth-watering cake, and you will have gotten a satisfying and hearty morning meal. 

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10. Good old toast

Just the “good old dry toast” is a delicious treat too when you are looking for a simple option.

Morning treats don’t have to be a hustle to make. Although some will take a few minutes, you can always start your morning a little earlier if you choose a treat you need to bake. Either way, your favorite cup of mocha brewed coffee will make the time and effort worth your while.

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