Winter Prey by John Sandford

Winter Prey – Book Review

Winter Prey is the fifth installment of the Prey series written by best-selling crime-thrillers’ author John Sandford. In this story, the super-cop, Lucas Davenport is requested by the sheriff of rural Wisconsin to look into triple murders in a family.

The killer known as ‘Iceman’ gives the chills literally. He brutally kills school children too! Lucas meets Weather in this town and a sweet relationship starts. She is the local coroner and is immediately attracted to Lucas. She also forms a critical part in the plot.

It is up to the super-smart Lucas Davenport to stop the Iceman before he commits more murders or escapes from the place. The killer is in the most unlikely places, he even keeps tabs on the investigation, but still the plot thrills us with the genius displayed by Davenport as usual.

Sandford once again brilliantly shows how some people who is always bullied gets back at the society, how the mind gets twisted is painted very vividly. Also, how a child’s mind can be easily manipulated by bad people is portrayed cleverly. The and  icy place with the Iceman getting hunted down by Lucas Davenport makes this book a great read, and the reader will surely gulp it down in one go. Definitely recommended.

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