Wicked Prey by John Sandford

Wicked Prey – Book Review

Wicked Prey is the 19th installment in the Prey series novels written by popular crime-thrillers’ author John Sandford. Randy Whitcomb, a criminal who was put in prison for the best part of his life by the super-cop Lucas Davenport is finally out and thirsting for revenge.

Teenager Letty, a ward whom Lucas adopts in this book, is in danger from Randy Whitcomb. Other than this, Lucas Davenport has to catch the murderers who slain people and even cops in cold blood while committing robberies. Whitcomb is volatile young man with a vicious mind, this novel shows how young people also tend to go on the sure path of self-destruction.

How vulnerable women are effected by devious criminals, how some people think the world owes them a living and behave so cruelly is clearly pictured in the book. Some characters in the book cry out for sympathy. This case is so true with the young woman who stays with Whitcomb, takes good care of him, works for him and yet gets severely abused by him.

Then there is this ‘Miss Cruz’, who efficiently stages the scene to loot and carries out the crime with precision while taking every pain to remain anonymous. She is a good match to Lucas Davenport’s mind and gives the department a tough time with her team. With her international standard of disguising skills, Cruz surely fools everyone around her.

The criminal team would always get away from any crime, until they commit the fatal mistake of killing cops and Lucas gets involved in the case. Lucas’s wife, Weather keeps worrying about his safety as well as Letty’s. Thrilling twists and turns, the way Letty takes after Lucas, the super smart villains, all of these make this book very interesting and unputdownable. An awesome thriller not to be missed.

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  1. Sounds like a suspenseful book! I would feel really bad for some of the characters too, especially the woman who stayed with Whitcomb.

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