tikona trek
Tikona fort

Trekking At Tikona – A Thrilling Experience

Tikona fort trek is a beginner level one, but an extremely exhilarating experience nevertheless. This fort is in Lonavala, a beautiful tourist spot in Maharashtra, India.

tikona trek
Tikona fort

Also known as Vitandgad, Tikona is located close to Lohagad fort, another easy trekking spot in Maval region of Maharasthra.

Trekking with friends in monsoon season at this place is simply heavenly. A truly unforgettable experience.

Travel Tips

Best time to visit: July to February

(If you do  not like to trek in rain, avoid July and August. Personally, I love to trek in July/August as the slight rain creates heavenly atmosphere)

How to get there: Rail connection is only up to Pune, about 60 kms from Tikona. You can hire a taxi from to the base camp. Nearest Airport is Pune airport. Again you need to hire a taxi

Things to do: Trekking, nature photography, Pawna dam, Bedse caves

What to carry: Carry lot of water, snacks, umbrella or a Raincoat, camera, suitable sports Shoes

My Tikona Fort trek

To reach this place, from Pune we hired a Tata Safari to Tikona Peth, the base of the trek where all the vehicles have to stop. From Pune, this place can be reached in 2 hours approximately.

We started the trek after breakfast at 9 AM and reached the top in about 1.5 hours, stopping to take pictures and leisurely enjoying the surrounding breathtaking scenery.


View from top
View from top

I was enthralled by the magical world created by light mist around us, and simply wished to stay on the spot forever.

At one point, there were steep steps leading to the fort. Once we reached the top, we explored the fort which took a very short time, considering that the fort is very small. There is a small temple and a lake also at the top.

Monsoon Magic
Monsoon Magic

Heavenly trek

We enjoyed the panoramic view of the villages, other forts around and took more pictures to document our amazing time in this spectacular place. We trekked down in about 45 minutes.

It is a highly recommended trekking spot for nature-lovers.

Tikona fort
Photo Credit: WikiCommonsBy Hrishikesh Burkule – originally posted to Flickr as 1, CC BY 2.0, Link

What’s more? It is easy too! I have seen small children and elderly folk equally excited to trek up the path.

There are two paths leading to the fort, we took the easier one while going up and took the path less traveled while coming down. Both the paths were equally thrilling.

Beginners can use the easier path for both going up and coming down.

If you can afford to stay for two or three days near the area, do not miss checking out the Lohagad fort, Pawna dam and Bedse Caves. We stayed for 3 days in Pune for this absolutely wonderful monsoon trip.

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