The Color of Law by Mark Gimenez

The Color of Law – Book Review (Mark Gimenez)

The Color of Law is the debut novel of Mark Gimenez, a promising author with a style similar to one of my favorite authors, John Grisham’s. This book climbed to the top of the bestselling books list within a short time of publication.

With echos from Harper Lee’s, To Kill a Mocking Bird and also John Grisham’s, A Time to Kill, this book excels at its goal and is a real legal thriller. What else can we really expect from a big firm lawyer turned solo practitioner to write other than a reality-based thrilling law story?

The protagonist of this novel, A. Scott Fenney is presently a big shot lawyer in a prestigious law firm and was a star football player in his school days. He tasted only success up until he gets hooked into a case that needs him to defend an African American prostitute who is also a drug addict. This is a life changer to him as he gets into a terrible dilemma.

Fenney has to decide if he works only for money or he wants to do good to humanity. His mother had always wanted him to be like Atticus Finch from the story, To Kill a Mocking Bird, so, Fenney takes the dive into the real world. Born and raised on the poorer side of money, Fenney understands the value of wealth more than anyone else can. And yet, he decides to face the wrath of a powerful politician and defend the poor woman accused of killing the politician’s son.

Scott Fenney, loses his wife to another wealthy person, his highly valued house, Ferrari, prestigious club memberships and much more because of his stand against injustice. The villain seems invincible and the good seems to suffer from the bad. Yet, good always wins the bad in the end.

Though the book is not fast paced, it thrills the reader with the final punch, still the case-solving clue is obvious to many crime-thriller followers. The good and bad in the society, the nature of the world is written very realistically by the author.

All in all, this is a great read, highly recommended for lovers of legal thrillers.

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