Silken Prey by John Sandford

Silken Prey – Book Review

Silken Prey is the 23rd novel in the Prey series written by popular crime-fiction author John Sandford. This story has the super detective Lucas Davenport delve deep down into the dirty underworld of politics. This is also one of the few Prey novels where everything is not neatly tied up at the end. That is, the story has a hard reality feel to it.

Lucas Davenport is assigned by the Governor to secretly look into a case involving a politician tangled up in a quagmire. That politician, Porter Smalls, is running for election that would close in less than 10 days. So, Lucas has to work very fast. As usual he works to solve the case super efficiently and returns to the Governor with the results.

The research Lucas has done leads him on to bigger fish to catch and he looks up professional killers tied to the case indirectly. This plot is woven superbly. This book has the author throwing light on how individuals who think that they are too important to the world act. Also, the people around them falling for such person’s antics forms a highlight in this story. Some people are thick enough not to understand when they are being used.

Kidd forms a major character in this book. His wife, Lauren, has a good part too. Even her background is explored by Lucas to tie up some loose ends. Kidd is shown as a great computer expert and ICE, another computer genius, points out that fact to Lucas. As Lucas Davenport needs to know the contents of a computer and pen drives related to the case, he takes help from both ICE and Kidd unofficially. This becomes a major bureaucratic issue later on.  The author shows the problems faced by even police when they try to solve a case fast.

This novel also has a minor offender in the police department itself, lending even more complexity to the case. Small time spies for politicians, jilted lovers, blind one side lovers, clever robbers, genius computer hackers,…things like these  make this book quite interesting. Weather is back to working full time at the  hospital as the housekeeper takes care of the new Davenport baby girl. Sam Davenport is in preschool now and Letty in school as usual.

Silken Prey is an interesting read and gives a reality grip on politics. A good time pass for a lazy night.

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