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Secret Prey – Book Review

Secret Prey is the ninth installment of the popular Prey series by best-selling author John Sandford. This is the longest Prey book I have read till now with more than 200 pages. And this is also the first book in this thrilling series to deliver a powerful female antagonist, who terrorizes even the self-assured super cop, Lucas Davenport.

This book throws light on the politics in an office, what some people are willing to do to get the top slot. The Polaris bank’s Chairman is shot dead and all his hunting group friends are suspects. What puzzles Davenport is that everyone in that group could really be the killer as each one has a motive to do so.

The police department receives a few letters and calls from a woman who points to Wilson McDonald as the killer. But Lucas finds a few problems with the line of thought and turns his attention to different angles. To divert Lucas Davenport, the villain attacks his former girlfriend’s (Weather’s )house and even brutally attacks Sister Mary Joseph aka Elle Kruger, who is Lucas’s childhood friend. The evil woman is totally believable and John Sandford does a great job in portraying a crazy person’s viewpoint and why she got that way.

Weather Karkinnen is under therapy with Andi Manette. Weather gets more distant and aloof with Lucas as she is very disturbed by the hostage situation and execution of Lachaise, a criminal, in the previous case, Sudden Prey. The wall between Lucas Davenport and herself becomes almost tangible. Lucas Davenport is very depressed after Weather breaks up with him and only manages to come out of the darkness after getting romantically tangled with his friend, a homicide cop, Marcy Sherrill.

All the characters are very well developed, and till the last sentence there are twists, making this book a real thriller. Also, many women are shown to be suspects and the reader would get squeezed between at least two likely candidates. A thoroughly enjoyable crime thriller. A must read!

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