Rules of Prey – Book Review

Rules of Prey is the first book in the awesome Prey series written by crime fiction author John Sandford. And it is an excellent start for the series. It follows the story of a maddog killer whom the super-smart cop, Lucas Davenport, hunts down eventually in his own style.

Reading this book threw me head first into Davenport’s adrenaline-raising, super-thrilling mad world of crime solving. Lucas Davenport is such a strong character that once you pick up any Prey novel, you will long to read more.

The killer follows certain rules laid out by himself, so that he does not get caught; he chooses his victims based on the rules, kills them according to the set rules. And he is virtually untraceable until Lucas Davenport, who himself was suspected of the murders, noses into the murders and find the crucial link that ties all the murder victims.

This book also follows the romance between Lucas Davenport and a TV reporter Jennifer Carey with whom he has a child with. A wonderful twist forming a love triangle is created with one of the characters, who escaped the killer one time.

The plot is flawless, the characters are so real that you surely identify with at least  few characters in the novel. An intelligent killer, innocent victims, super-smart cop, the mix is a steaming pot of action. Definitely a great read, a must for crime-fiction lovers.

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