One pot meals recipes (Super quick vegetarian lunch ideas)

As a busy mom, I prefer simple dishes to pack for school and office lunches for our family. As it happens, we have plenty of yummy one pot dishes which are super easy and quick to make, but at times they don’t strike in our mind as an option. I used to wonder what to make for the next day all the time and at a point it became so stressful.

So, I listed out all my ideas and pinned it on the fridge to make life easy. I thought of sharing these awesome one pot dish lunch ideas with you too, so that you can save time and still enjoy tasty food.

  1. Carrot fried rice
  2. Pudina rice
  3. Coconut rice
  4. Vegetable rice
  5. Dal rice
  6. Tamarind rice (Pulihara) – recipe here
  7. Lemon rice
  8. Mango rice
  9. Curd rice
  10. Ven Pongal – recipe here

I will keep adding more dishes and recipes here. Do check back from time to time.

Have a great lunch 🙂

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