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Mortal Prey – Book Review

Mortal Prey is a sequel to the book Certain Prey and the thirteenth book in the Prey series written by bestselling crime stories author John Sandford. It follows the super-cop, Lucas Davenport, chasing Clara Rinker, a professional killer, as she tries to exact revenge on her  former bosses after a personal tragedy.

(May contain spoilers) Clara Rinker has not lost her touch of guns even after fleeing from Wichita where Lucas Davenport traces her to in the previous book. Now someone has sent a hit-man to kill her, though she lived anonymously far  away from the country. After the failed attempt on her life, she starts avenging the people she thinks are responsible for the shooting. The way Clara Rinker’s childhood is portrayed evokes empathy from us.

Lucas Davenport is his usual self, anticipating Clara Rinker’s every move and eventually hunts her down. FBI agent, Malone, gets killed by Clara Rinker increasing the pressure on the department and the net closes in more tightly. Lucas and his group target Clara by luring her into Lucas’s wedding.

This story sees Davenport working hard to get his house renovated to make space for his new family and also according to his taste. He is getting ready for his marriage to Weather, who is pregnant. He is also in the middle of a job change following police chief Rose Marie’s exit from the department.

Though the story is paced well enough, I have personally not felt the spark in this book. The writing style does not seem to be Sandford’s and looks a little forced to me. The language too was not in tandem with other Prey novels, making me wonder if its really written by John Sandford himself. I found certain sections glaringly out of sync with other Davenport thrillers. May be after reading the breath-taking Certain Prey, I put too much expectations on Mortal Prey.

On the whole, it is a good book to curl up with on a rainy day. Have a great time reading this thriller.

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