cathedral rocks
cathedral rocks

Kiama Beach to Minnamura River – Coast Walk

“Kiama Beach” itself is an awesome tourist spot where you can easily spend your entire day gazing into the deep blue waters and lose yourself in time!

Hiking from Minnamura river to Kiama beach or the reverse route is an added bonus for adventure lovers.

Kiama beach to Minnamura walk (Kiama Coast Walk)

We took a train to Kiama from Circular Quay in Sydney, NSW on the South Coastline, changing trains at Wolli Creek Station.

It was a fantastic 3-hour journey as we saw many beautiful scenic places while passing through different places on the train ride. Especially, the ride from Helensburg to Kiama, passing Wollongong was amazing.

Blowhole and Lighthouse

Lighthouse in distance
Lighthouse in distance
Kiama coastside
Kiama coast side







The first spots to spend some time in Kiama are the blowhole and the lighthouse.

The beautiful bursts of white frothy water from the blowhole must not be missed.

After enjoying the blowhole, you can get some refreshments in the small cafes near the visitor center, grab a map from the visitor center and set off on the amazing coast walk.

The walk would take about 4 hours if you walk leisurely and stop for pictures and rest along the way.

Shades of blue in Kiama
Shades of blue in Kiama

We spent some time just savoring the beauty of the pristine blue waters by simply lying down on the soft green grass on the edge of the water near the visitor center.

There are many picnic spots all along the way. After getting refreshed, we started walking on the track, heading North.

Black skull shaped rocks

Within half an hour or so, we reached a queer place dominated by black rock. We spent sometime admiring the skull shaped black rocks and admiring the solid fingers of land fighting to stop the sea, it was so mesmerizing.

Bombo beach

We spent about an hour at that place before heading down to Bombo beach. Bombo beach is a quiet spot for a swim.

You can catch people walking their dogs, jogging or simply walking along the coast. You can also spot a train at times at your side if you lift your eyes towards the left.

Bombo headlands

Then we headed to the Bombo headland and saw what may be a water treatment plant on the way.


skull rock near bombo beach
skull rock near bombo beach

Later on, the walk takes you to a more residential part of Kiama.

Many houses had beautiful speedboats in their yards. Friendly people guided us readily when we asked for directions.

Cathedral rocks

We passed the amazing Cathedral Rocks and Jones beach on the way, marveling at the beauty of the whole setting and moved on towards the Minnamura river itself. We stopped at many wonderful spots to click pictures.


Sunset at Minnamura
Sunset at Minnamura
cathedral rocks
cathedral rocks

After spending a considerable time lying on the grass near the beautiful river, as the night started closing in on us, we reluctantly started for the Minnamura train station to head back to Sydney.

It was surely the best trip we ever had, such beauty all around. Australia is truly blessed with wonderful getaways.


Must have items for the trip
Take plenty of water and snacks with you, Banana Boat Sunscreen(SPF 30), suitable footwear, swimwear, dry towels and extra set of clothes (if you are planning a swim), umbrella.

There are many more tourist attractions around this area. Minnamura rain-forest, Illawarra Fly tree top walk, Minnamura National Park and many other attractions are also popular with visitors.

If you have more time on your Sydney trip, this is a must visit place. I
f you are running on a tight schedule, check out my post, top 5 things to do in Sydney for the places you simply have to visit in your trip.

For more Kiama pictures, check out My Flickr Albums.

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