Invisible Prey by John Sandford

Invisible Prey – Book Review

Invisible Prey is the seventeenth installment in the Prey series novels by bestselling author John Sandford. It follows the super-sleuth Lucas Davenport making efforts to track down ruthless murderers, who apparently are very careful about leaving any clues behind.

The killers seem to rob random items from the places where they hit and as a chain of murders are traced by Lucas Davenport, he finds a crucial link among all of them. Lucas lives with his wife, Weather, his ward Letty, and son Sam in this story. There is a twist in the story where his family is also targeted by the killers. Sloan is shown as the owner of a bar after he quits the force.

The many twists in the plot are superb and the author shows how people with certain authority can easily misuse it. Lucas has to drill deep into the world of art and paintings and rely on a bit of information he stumbles upon when interrogating a kid. He trusts his instincts and goes ahead with the clue which ultimately helps Lucas hunt down the killers before its too late.

In this book, with its unlikely killers, the suspense and thrill is spot on. At one point, the apparent mastermind of these murders is found dead, right in front of Lucas Davenport’s house. Weather Davenport is as usual supportive of her husband and he keeps discussing the case with her and picks up a few tips. It is a very thrilling plot and would surely be read at one go. Definitely recommended.

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