Prey series by John Sandford

Eyes of Prey – Book Review

Eyes of Prey is the third book in the Prey Series novels written by popular crime-fiction author John Sandford.This book follows the super-sleuth Lucas Davenport unravel the mysterious murders, in which, destroying the victims’ eyes seems to be the killer’s signature.

The psychopath already earned the name ‘Doctor Death’ in the past and he hires a malleable-minded criminal to murder his wife. How the wife gets killed and the connection between the killer and the husband forms a critical part of the story. Though there seem to be nothing connecting him to the crime, the killer eventually lands in Lucas Davenport’s net.

Also, the politics within the department form problems to Davenport adding to his problems with depression. The emotions of a person faced with life-changing situations are portrayed brilliantly by the author. In this book the relationship with Jennifer is over, and Lucas is shown having other romantic interests.

This book is a fearful thriller and must not be missed by crime-fiction lovers. The sequel to this book, Silent Prey, also does not fail to grip the reader by the throat.

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