Travel time pass games

Fun games to pass time without your phone

Are you waiting somewhere, like a doctor’s office? Traveling? Low battery on your phone?

Time pass games

Simply bored? You are in for an overload of fun with the simple games mentioned in this post.

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When I travel with friends on a long journey in our own or a rented vehicle, we play different games to pass time in an interesting way. I am the proud initiator of most of the games too (Yes, I rock ;))

That is when I thought that anyone who faces some idle time can use these fun games and wrote this blog post. Hope you enjoy these games as well.

As an awesome bonus, these games do not involve you staring at your mobile screens 🙂

Cool games

Try these easy to play games to pass your down time. You do not need anything like a pen, paper, board or dice to play these fun games. You just need to be your fun-self 🙂

Fun games to pass time

1) Dumb-charades:

If you have one or more people with you in your idle time, you could try playing dumb-charades. It is a simple game of word guessing.

The rules:

A player shuts his lips and tries to convey a movie name or an actor’s name, or any word for that matter, to the other person through sign language.The number of words being conveyed can be indicated with fingers.

For example, if the word is ‘high wave’, the player could stretch himself up and indicate that it is the first word using his fingers, the other player would then start guessing (tall, big, stretch….finally high); when the correct word is identified, the next word can be taken up and similar process followed.

2) Identify the movie:

If you have one or more people with you in your idle time, you could try this game where one person forms the questions and asks something like:

“Name any movie in which Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie were cast as the lead pair?”

“A movie that has kung fu and comedy”

This is a very fun game, which can be played to identify songs in a movie, or other such unique things.

3) Total Recall:

This game can be played even if you are alone. Recall the events of your day.

Try to identify every single event from the time you got up in the morning including specifics like what you had for breakfast.

You will find this very interesting, and your brain gets stimulated too. This game not only trains your memory but also sharpens it.

If you do this regularly, you will be amazed to find that each day your ability to recall keeps increasing. It is a great work-out for your brain.

You can also try to play this game to recall the route you have taken to reach any place, try to remember all the details you have spotted on the way, like the door color of your neighbor’s house.

Fun games to pass time

4) Name, Place, Animal, Thing:

For young children, this game is a great way to learn and have fun at the same time. Fun-loving adults can also try this game.

For each letter in the Alphabet, try to name a person, place, animal and thing. It’s very interesting to note that, at the time of need, the actual word slips our mind 😉 right?

Keep scores for each item a person misses and the game can get very competitive too.

5. Cards and other games

If you are not into the regular card games, try these enjoyable ones. I found the Uno cards super useful in my travels with friends.

Card games for 8 years and above folks:

Pictionary Game

Fool-proof ideas to keep your toddlers busy. You should get this Color Drawing Board.

6) Super singer

A game where you play your favorite song and ask the next person to start the song with any word you choose from the song that you just sang. The second next person gets his word from the previous song…the cycle goes on.

The person who fails to sing with the chosen word loses.

7) Movie quotes/misquotes

Here a game that is very popular too. You quote or misquote a famous line from a movie and the other players have to identify that.

“I’ll be back” .. which movie is that from?

“Why so serious?”

Pretty cool, right?

8) Games like ‘Truth or dare’ are also popular.

Try these super fun games and let me know your comments.

Fun games to pass time from anywhere you are at
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Know more cool games? Hit the comments to let me know.

Have fun!

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  1. Great game ideas! How about famous movie misquotes – “I’ll come back”, “Go ahead make my week”. Something about this crazy game has everyone in stitches of laughter. Love games – such fun.

  2. I am SO bad at charades, haha, but I think I could do dumb charades pretty darn well. Definitely a great way to pass the time while traveling!

  3. Great games!
    I love the game where you say the name of a city and then the next person has to say the next city name but starting with the last letter of the previous city. So if someone said Chicago, the next person could say Oslo, then Oklahoma, then Adelaide etc…
    But you can’t say the same city twice! gets challenging 😉

    x Luciana

  4. Some lovely ideas! The total recall game sounds like fun. When i was a kid we used to play ‘I packed my bag and in it I put…’ you take it in turns to say I packed my bag and in it I put… and then you name an object. The next person has to repeat what you said, and then add their own object. So the list gets longer and longer. the loser is the one that forgets an object!

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