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Chosen Prey – Book Review

Chosen Prey is the 12th book in the acclaimed Prey series written by popular crime thrillers’ author, John Sandford. If follows the story of a psychotic Art history professor, James Qatar and his obsession for killing women. It is up to the super cop Lucas Davenport to bring justice to all the innocent women Qatar has slayed.

This novel is the longest yet in the Prey series and the further novels in the series seem to get as lengthy as this one. Up until now, all the books in the series are mostly under 200 pages, but this one crossed 380! But, it is not a mindless drone about crime. It is indeed a masterful crime thriller and the plot is very suspenseful.

Though the reader knows who the killer is from the very beginning of the story, it is not until the last sentence of the plot that the reader is sure that the killer is brought to justice. The way Lucas Davenport puts together two and two and the pieces of the puzzle fall into place is very exciting. It is a brilliant way employed by the author to make sure the reader is fully involved. Knowing the killer and not able to point it to Lucas and team, makes the reader even more hooked.

In this story, Weather Karkinnen and Lucas Davenport resume their romance after a two-year break-up and Weather wants to get pregnant before she is too old to bear children. Lucas cribs about Marcy Sherrill seeing a famous painter, Kidd (He is the protagonist in the Kidd series written by John Sandford), and finally relents when he sees Marcy happy after a long time.

This worth is worth reading on a cool night with snacks around, though I would not say it is one of the best of Sandford’s novels. What I did not like too much is the world of James Qatar, the killer, who keeps fantasizing about women and the drawings he makes of them. He even kills his own mother and is a true psycho making it a fearful read. Pick this book up when you have a lot of free time on your hands.

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